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Code Highlight Control

Preview Release 1.0Code Highlight Control

Download Code Highlight Control and example project.

This control is not even in the beta stages yet and
has been made available so that you can start to
experiment with it and modify for use in your projects.  I won't trust it with any important files yet and the code is a bit of a mess but for the most part it works except for multi-line comments.

Currently the Highlight control has support for Visual Basic and Java.  Although it will highlight any other language if you tell it the language's key words.

The code highlight control can highlight text as you type or when the cursor moves to a different line.

There is also the option of making it give keywords there correct case.

Future Features

  • As you type highlighting of multi-line comments. (currently multi-line comments are only highlighted if the code is pasted).
  • Scroll bars 
  • Saving the file as highlighted HTML.
  • Different colors for different blocks of text e.g. One color for comments and other for strings.
  • Syntax Files - The ability to save and load the list of keywords to disk.
  • Different fonts for keywords and standard text.
  • Better HTML highlighting
  • Line numbering
  • Listening for Paste messages so pasted text can be highlighted too.