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All VB Links

Featuring Visual Basic Source Code, ActiveX Controls, Tutorials, Books, Software, Articles, Jobs / Career Placement Services, Free VB Training and more. Programming topics such as: Microsoft Agent Programming, Programming for the Web, Graphics, Controls, Win32 API, Networking and Database Programming.

Active Aggressive
Resources for Object-Oriented/Component Development in Visual Basic.  The site includes Articles, Downloads, Code Snippets, Book Reviews and Links.

Add to your Programming Knowledge
Good introduction to those new to VB

Andy's Visual Basic Site
Contains examples of how to use VB's syntax making it a useful site for the beginner to visit.

AX2NET ActiveX/COM Component Directory
Directory of ActiveX/COM components including OCX's from around the world. We also have have tips on VBScript, ASP, T-SQL, Visual Basic and others as well as articles for building web applications.

Black Belt Visual Basic
Hi, my name is David Nishimoto. As a Senior Level Visual Basic 6.0 Consultant/programmer and Oracle DBA; I've seen the incredible success of Microsoft Visual Basic. Black Belt Visual Basic is here to answer your technical questions. Read articles put together by professional consultants. If you need additional help - submit your question and we will write an article to answer your question. Black Belt Visual Basic delivers professional answers for demanding technical questions
The net's LARGEST Source Code Site. At this site you will find code for Visual Basic, Tcl/Tk and Java

CodeRoom - Europe's largest online collection of free VB source code
CodeRoom is Europe's largest online collection of free Visual Basic source code. Over 1000 zip files available in 17 categories. Search engine, Developers Forum & Links Pages also available.

Est's Visual Basic Homepage
Some useful code organized into categories.

Extreme VB
Searchable link database, code snippets and code examples.

This site has been created to help serious Visual basic developers write the best, most efficient code possible.  The creators of EZVB are all professional VB contractors.  There is a tips section where you can submit tips
Features hundreds of free, high-quality source code examples.  All code tested first.  New code added every day.

Gelowitz Visual Basic Code Source
Heaps of examples.  Definitely worth a look.
Our goal is to be the premier online community for Visual Basic career development. We've collected a variety of tools and information to assist Visual Basic professionals and have coupled them with the Net's smartest job search engine.

Visual Basic Source Code Center
This Site Has Free Code which one can use in day to day work a must for every programmer.

Planet Source Code
Huge database of code that's always worth searching.

Programmers Heaven - Where programmers go!
The Internet's most complete source of free downloadable programming files, source codes, utilities, BASIC, JAVA, and other tools for programmers and developers. All files and links are organized in an easy-to-find format.

TheScarms Visual Basic/Win32 Code Library
Many well explained VB code snippets and a section on Hot Sauces.

Unlimited Realities site has some of the most interesting Visual Basic source code and examples on the net.  With great examples of using DirectX from VB.  Check out Menace.

This is an excellent site that provides a number of useful and powerful activex controls such as toolbars and menus with icons.  There is also some interesting graphics routines. Check it out.

An advanced API site with lots of code samples and some activex controls.

Lots of useful projects that utilizes the API to create common controls (treeview, toolbars, etc) and other neat API stuff.

VB Explorer
A site for all VB newbies.  Their is tutorials, source code and downloads all suited to those new to Visual Basic.
A searchable database of VB code snippets and files

Visual Basic Web Directory
If your looking for more VB sites check out this link.

vbCode Magician
A VB page dedicated to make those 'How do I do that?" questions a little easier to answer. Now also feature ActiveX controls with full source.

Visual Basic Books
This site has reviews on a number of Visual Basic books. - Visual Basic Internet Programming provides software and web developers with the tutorials, articles, source codes and other free resources devoted to Internet development (client application development, web development, webmaster's helper tool development and so on) with MS Visual Basic.

Lots of source code to download  and useful tips.

The designer of this site Rod Stephens has written a number of Visual Basic books.  There is over 300 example programs and some excellent tutorials.

Source Code, Tips and Tutorials.

VB Square - The Key to your VB Success!
Lots of in depth articles, bulletin boards, code downloads.

The developers library on this site is good, it contains code, utilities, links and other resources.

Voodoo VB
Voodoo VB deals with Game Dev in VB. Featuring tutorials on the DirectX API and AI.

Zarr's VB Website
Lots of VB source code, articles, hints, tips and many other VB resources for programmers of all abilities.