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API Calls used by Code Snippets

This page lists all the API calls that are used in the Code Snippets section.  Clicking on the API call will take you to documentation on Microsoft's site.

API Call Code Snippets that use
this API Call
AnimateWindow Animating Windows
ExitWindows Exiting Windows
FindExecutable Finding the Executable Associated with a File
FlashWindow Drawing attention to a Window using FlashWindow
GetComputerName Finding a Computer's Name
GetCursorPos Getting and Setting the Cursors Position
GetKeyboardType Getting the Keyboard's type
GetShortPathName Getting the DOS short filename
GetSystemDirectory Finding the Windows and System directories
GetTempFileName Creating a temporary file
GetTempPath Creating a temporary file
GetUserName Getting the Username of the Logged in user
GetWindowsDirectory Finding the Windows and System directories
InternetAutodial Connecting to the Internet
InternetAutodialHangup Connecting to the Internet
KillTimer Creating a Timer without a Form
SearchPath Find a Filename in the Path
SendMessage Combo Box Section
List Box Section
SetCursorPos Getting and Setting the Cursors Position
SetTimer Creating a Timer without a Form
SetVolumeLabel Changing a disk's volume label
SHAddToRecentDocs Adding an item to and clearing the Recently used Documents menu
SHEmptyRecycleBin Emptying the Recycle Bin
ShellExecute Adding a link to your homepage (using the default web browser)
SHFileOperation Deleting a file to the Recycle Bin

Copying and Moving Files with and without a Progress Dialog