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Here you will find example code that you can use and adapt for your projects.  If you want classes and modules that you can just drop into your project check out the Toolbox section

File / Drives

Title Description
Drive Size and Free Space Displays the drives size and free space.
Drive Type Find what type of drive a drives is. e.g. CD, Floppy, Hard drive.
Floppy Disk Format Displays the Floppy disk format dialog
File Properties Displays the file properties dialog


Title Description
SMTP Sender Sends mailing using SMTP
Using IE 4 as a user interface Uses Microsoft Internet Explorer as the user interface similar to Outlook express.


Title Description
Wav Play Plays a wav file
Wav Res Play Plays a wav file inside a resource file
Standard AVI Player Plays a avi in popup box
PictureBox AVI Player Plays a avi video in a picturebox and shows how to move to a particular frame. (new)
Basic CD Player Open and closes CD tray, Gets a list of all tracks and play CDs


Title Description
Fractal Generator Creates the Mandelbrot fractal set
Desktop Painter Shows how to paint bitmaps, ellipses and rectangles on the desktop.


Title Description
File Dialog Shows how to display the Open and Save dialogs.
Browse Folder Dialog  
Color Dialog  
Page Setup Dialog  
Font Dialog (new)  
List Box Features Demonstrates some of the list box control's features that aren't directly accessible from VB.  Like displaying lists of files or directories, Searching for the closest matching word, adding horizontal scroll bars and some other things.
Combo Box Features How to do Auto-completing, showing and hiding the dropdown list from code, finding items in the list, setting the combo box's height and height of items in the list, setting the dropdown width and displaying lists of files and directories.
Text Box Features Demonstrates how to set the right and left margin, find the line that the cursor is on, get the text from the current line and a number of other things.


Title Description
Wallpaper changer Changes the desktop wallpaper
Hide/Show Taskbar How to hide and show the task bar.
Taskbar Position Displays the coordinates of the taskbar.
Notification Area Demo Adds an icon to the Notification area
Using INI files Demonstrates how to read and write to ini files.
Key State Checks the state of the Num, Caps and Scroll Lock
Mouse Pos Displays the X, Y coordinates of the mouse
Screen Colors Returns the number colors the display is set to.
Disable It Disables The Taskbar and Alt+Tab switching.
Mouseswap Swaps the mouse buttons.
ExcelCopy Shows how to paste cells from Excel into a MSFlexGrid control and copy cells from the MSFlexGrid to Excel.  Requires VB6 as it uses the Split function.
Memory Status (new) Returns information about memory usage.


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