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Visual Basic Articles

Converting Abbreviations to Words

Do users of your applications have common terms they use frequently. I recently developed an application for physiotherapists.  They often abbreviate long medical terms.  This article shows you how to automatically convert these abbreviations to full words as the user types. Read Article.

Spell checking using SoundEx
How to create a simple spell checker.

See how easily a basic spell checker can be added to your applications using the soundex algorithm. Uses only Visual Basic code. Read Article.

Capturing the Output of a shelled program
Redirecting the standard output and standard error

Your applications can get the output of a shelled program by redirecting the standard output and standard error from the screen to your application. Read Article.

The WEB Interface
Using HTML as the interface in your apps

Learn how you can use Internet Explorer 4 as the user interface in your applications, similar to the start screen in Outlook express. Read Article.

Sending Mail using the SMTP
Send mail with out the use of 3rd party DLLs or OCXs

Send mail from your VB Pro 5.0 programs using the Winsock control. Read Article.

Creating a Visual Basic Add-in
Create a Control Scalar Add-in

A step by step guide on how to create an add-in that scalars a form by a given percentage. Read Article.

Stack data structure

A short explanation of the stack data structure and it's implementation using an dynamic array.  Read Article.

Heap data structure

How to implement the heap data structure in a dynamic array.  Read Article.