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Link Manager - Beta

Link Manager allows you to manage your site's links to other websites and resources.  Visitors can add resources to the database and the resources are not visible until they have been check by an administrator.  Link Manager can also report on how many times a link has been clicked.

To see the public face of Link Manager click here

Download Link Manager Beta 1

The default username is "root" and password "apassword"


  • Users can add their links and resources
  • Links and resources aren't visible until the have been validated by an administrator.
  • Links are sorted by category.
  • There can be un unlimited number of administrators per category each with separate usernames and passwords
  • If an administrator is defined as a category administrator they can add/edit and delete categories from the system.
  • If an administrator is defined as a user administrator they can add/edit and delete users from the system.
  • Basic templates so you can specify the header and footer to be used for each category. (new)


To use link manager on your site:

  1. Download Link Manager
  2. Unzip it into a directory that is accessible from the web
  3. For security you should properly move the database to a directory were some one can't just download it.  If you do this you will need to modify the path to the database in the files
    1. default.asp
    2. addlink.asp
    3. openconn.asp

    E.g. change the line:
     objConn.Open("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=c:\links.mdb")

You can edit templates for categories from within Link Manager.  To edit the header and footer used when no category is selected or when no templat

*Note I have had a lot of support request because links aren't showing up to be validated.  This is usually because you haven't made your self an administrator for the category the link was added to.