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Active Server Page Articles

Customer Support Application in ASP

Create a simple help desk application with ASP .  Read Article.

Creating a "Tell a Friend" feature in ASP

Use the NewMail object included with IIS to allow visitors to recommend your site or a page on your site to their friends.  Read Article.

Tracking Click Throughs
See where your visitors go.

Using a simple ASP script and an equally simple Access database you can count how many times a link has been clicked.  Read Article.

WebPolls in ASP
Creating polls using Access and ASP

Poll's can be a good way to get an idea of who is visiting your site and their collective thoughts on issues.  This article discusses creating multi-choice polls using an Access database and ASP   Read Article.

Creating Bar Charts
How to create a bar chart by scaling images files

See how you can easily create bar charts of database information by setting the height property of the img tag. Read Article.